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"Highly recommend"

Highly recommend Antrim Way Honda! John and Jennifer were very friendly and helpful. I almost bought a car earlier that morning from a different dealership, but the process was over three hours long and there were so many hidden fees. I walked away. I called John, asked if the vehicle I wanted was still available, and drove away in it two hours later. John was extremely efficient, no hassle. While the dealership is a little further away from me, I highly recommend them and would visit again.
Leah W
Service writer Dwight Leather has always taken the time and care needed to service my Ridgeline. He is a true professional.
Had the best breakfast in a while at their cafe!! Thanks to @christinescafe
K. Walters

"Five Stars"

I searched many dealers in the area. All were charging way over MSRP price due to shortage on vehicles. I was running into dealers where nothing was straight forward and I questioned their honesty. I did not feel this way here! Jonathan and Jennifer were both amazing at their jobs! I 100% trusted what they said and they both went the extra mile over a 2 week span to do what they could to help me! Don't waste your time elsewhere! You can go here with certainty that you will be treated as family and get the best deal they can get you!
C. Gilbert

"Great customer service"

Great customer service and very helpful in finding the right car for your needs.
Carol M
It's times like these I wish I could rate more than 5 stars. Our experience at Antrim Way Honda was by far the best car buying experience we've ever had! We were able to do most of the process via online and phones, and when we pulled up they had our 2021 Ridgeline all shined up and ready to go. Greg and Jennifer were friendly, funny, and treated us like they've known us for years. If you're in the market for a new car, Antrim Way Honda is highly recommended! They've earned themselves two new lifelong customers.
Jake D


excellent , did all the services scheduled , then delivered auto to the house

"Very professional"

Very professional business that I have been very fortunate to deal with Antrim way family since 1993 when I bought my first brand new honda accord from the Antrim team! I was hooked!! I'm scared to buy from someone else or even have my car serviced from someone else.
2013 HONDA CR-V EX Owner

"They are awesome"

They are awesome. Great sales people that work with you. Very polite. I am very happy and satisfied with my car. Great place to go to for a vehicle.
Laura F
Dear Sir/Madam,

While traveling to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with friends on Saturday, November 19, 2016, in my 2015 Honda Civic, the "tire pressure" light came on. May I just say, I hate this light, and I always have. I had the car serviced the day before and was assured all was well. Imagine my surprise when that stupid light came on.

Instead ofphysically abusing the car, I Googled "Honda Dealers" close- to my location and Antrim Way Honda came up, so I drove the 20 or so miles to see if a Honda dealer could assist. I don't want to be tipped ofI while I'm traveling by some shady mechanic who has no idea what he's doing and who thinks he can take advantage of a woman. I have always trusted my Honda dealer.

When I got to your dealership. it was packed. I parked and walked into the service department and was met by Zak, one of your service personnel, who asked il'hc could help. I explained what was wrong and he ushered me into your lovely dealership and said he would be a few minutes. He took my car fob and off he went. About 10 minute-s goes by and here comes Zak with a smile on his face and he says "You're all set." I didn't think I heard him correctly so replied "Excuse me?" He said again, "You're all set." He explained that my mechanic failed to recalibrate the tire pressure, which is why the light came on. He showed me to the car and by God, he had washed it! I was shocked. I have never been treated so well by a car dealership employee, and I didn't even lease my Honda from Antrim Honda. When I asked what I owed him, he replied "Nothing, ma'am. It's part of the service." I drove off to finish my trip with a sigh of relief and a huge smile, completely reassured that humanity wasn't all bad. I made it safely to North Carolina and back to New York with no further problems.

I had to write you this letter to tell you what a valuable employee you have in Zak. He was gracious, conlident, so polite and yes, adorable. If he would have fit, I would have packed him into my luggage and taken him to North Carolina with me. My experience with Zak is what makes me continue to buy Hondas, and he has restored my faith in car dealership service.

Do something special for this young man. Tell him he's valuable. Tell him his efforts contribute to make Antrim Honda one step above the rest, because it is so true. Do whatever you have to do to keep this young man on board, because he's worth it. I am doing my part as a consumer to let everyone know that Antrim Honda in Greencastle, Pennsylvania is where they need to go for a Honda.

You have my sincere appreciation for an excellent car service experience, and of course, my thanks to Zak.
Bonnie L. Santino
Dear Zach

I brought the CRV in for recall since Tobias wasn't available. What a great experiencce. All the service people were pleasant and helpful. They were able to find that the driver side airbag service had been done and were able to do the upcoming inspection along with the recall service. I barely finished breakfast and a brief visit to the shop and was about to sit down to read when Chad came to get me as the car was ready-and it was washed.

Chad also asked about Tobias which was really nice. We feel like family when we come for service.
Carol Kegan
Hi Tracey,

I wanted to e-mail you to let you know how happy I am about my new purchase. I am so loving and enjoying my new ride. I also wanted to ask you about a bug shield for this model. Would you be able to take a picture of one on one of the cars for me if there are any? I would really like to purchase one to protect the hood a little from stones and such. I'm wondering if it is low profile or not. Would you be able to tell me how much they cost?

I was so pleased with the whole process the night we came up there. It was well worth the time and drive to go to Greencastle Antrim Honda.

Thanks again so much
Janice Robison-Crawford

Mr. Weaver,

Hello. My name is J Rachelle Turner and we recently purchased a 2009 Pre-owned Honda Civic from your dealership. I must tell you, WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE! The professionalism and friendly demeanor of your Pre-Owned sales representative Jake Gregory well exceeded our expectations! Having purchased several vehicles over the years, we were expecting the old Pressure and Push method to buy, buy,buy. We didnt experience anything close to that! Mr Gregory was patient and pleasing, taking his time to work with us on deciding on a vehicle that fit our needs. I would HIGHLY recommend Jake, Antrim Way Honda and the entire staff to all Friends, Family and Associates! Antrim Way Honda, Thank you so much!

J Rachelle Turner

"Thank You!"

Good Morning!  My fiancé, contacted you last week about a used car for my daughter and Chad Zarger reached out to us promptly.  My daughter and I came in on Saturday and Chad referred us to Travis Bricker because he would not be there and I just wanted to let you know that everyone we dealt with that day was top notch and couldn't have asked for a better experience all around.  Greg Kiehl rode with us as we test drove a couple of the vehicles and ultimately we went with the 2013 Kia Rio.  Also Chris Edwards was fantastic and did an incredible job with getting our financing squared away.    


My daughter is very excited about her car and I know she will be well taken care of by all at the dealership whenever she needs assistance.  Again, just wanted to give props to all who helped us and will spread the word about the great experience we had there.


Have a great day!

Jeannine Klein

Hi Scott


No complaints. I just wanted to share with you my latest outstanding experience with service at Antrim Way Honda. Your folks got me out of a jam. Wednesday night when I left my office at the Hagerstown airport at 5:02 p.m. turned on my car and the check engine light came on. I immediately looked to call the service department but as luck would have it I was a couple minutes late. Checked on line for an early appointment next day but they were completely booked.  My urgency was I knew I had to drive to Philadelphia Thursday evening and I do not have another car to use. Figured my only hope was if I could get it into service Thursday morning, I had a chance to be safely on the road by Thursday evening. Decided to get up early Thursday morning and be waiting outside the service department door at 7 a.m. and hope they had a cancellation and could work me in.


Thursday morning came I was in my car parked outside my apartment just two blocks away from Antrim Honda.  All going as planned until I turned the key. Hrmmp click, click click click! Not enough juice in the battery! I also noticed the engine light was now out but the low tire pressure warning was on due to the cold.  Not my day. :-(  Called AAA.  Said they would be there within an hour. (They took the full hour.)  When 7 a.m. arrived, I called your service department and Jeremiah answered.  He said they were heavily booked but would work me it at 10:30 to  at least diagnose how big a problem I had and then we would look at our options. If I had to rent, you have an Enterprise office right there! AAA arrived 45 minutes later, jumped the car and I was in the entrance by in 5 minutes. Said he would call me when they had looked at it and they gave me a ride to the office.  Mid morning got a call that the check engine light was nothing to worry about, just an emission system code that pops up some times in very cold weather that cleared itself.  They were going to change the battery, put air in the tires and since my oil change interval was down to 20% he offered to change the oil while I had it thee.  And have it ready by noon. Deal!  Had someone drop me off during lunch break, had a good sandwich in the Cafe and was on my way.  The drive to Philly and back it ran great.


This was just another example of the great service I have always had at Antrim Honda.  I bought my car there from John Oliver and that was a good experience and it has been a great car! Fire engine red Civic SI with 6 on the floor and that surprising ivTech engine. Haven't had a problem with it. Love it! Service has always been great and this week was just another example of going the extra mile for the customer.  The Cafe is a fabulous idea and the food is great.  My home is actually over in Dallastown. I have an apartment i use 4 nights a week two blocks from Antrim Honda and have been working during the week at the airport for the last 5 years. My cousin is the CEO of the Stewart Group that owns Apple dealerships in Central PA including Apple Honda in York. Nevertheless, if at all possible, I buy and service at Antrim Honda because I have been so impressed with the total experience plus blended with small town friendliness and culture.  I have recommended Antrim Honda to my colleagues as many of us are not from the Greencastle area and they were unaware of this jewel you have there. A number of the Honda and Acura owners have taken heed of my advice and are now your customers when they can.  All have had great experiences and more than a few good breakfasts and lunches there too.


Keep up the good work.  We value the skill, competence, customer focus and attention to the little details that make Antrim Honda a truly unique place in the world of auto dealerships.


Thank you much and thank you to your great staff, too.

Kirk Slenker

I must say having my first service done on my new-to-me Honda was a very pleasant experience! I found your staff very helpful and willing to make sure we were well taken care of, without feeling overwhelmed or pushed. The amount of time we had to wait was reasonable and the waiting area was very inviting. I actually didn't mind the wait at all. The atmosphere was very relaxing. Please extend my compliments to all and tell them to keep up the good work. I'll be sure to share what a positive experience I have had with Antrim Way Honda since my very first visit, when I started our journey of looking for a vehicle up until now. The entire staff to me is first class. Great job team!!

Thank you for the quick reply. We have breakfast meetings there each Monday morning, and we really appreciate the exceptional service, friendly staff, delicious food, and clean space. What an asset to Greencastle!
Todd Tritle, Director of Franklin Virtual Academy


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