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Antrim Way Honda

200 S Antrim Way
Directions Greencastle, PA 17225

  • Service: (717) 387-7484
  • Parts: (717) 387-7484
Ask your advisor about 24/7 contactless pick-up

The Antrim Way Honda family cares about your family.  If you prefer a contactless service experience, we have a simple process in place for you to drop off and pick up your vehicle contact free.

  • Secured night time key box to get your keys and simple pay to pay your invoice.
  • Your advisor will contact you and review the invoice and multipoint inspection
  • Agree to a predetermined three digit code and the box number and you are all set.
  • Key box is located between express service and the car wash
  • Pay your invoice using simple pay, and your receipt will be emailed to you.
  • Your invoice and multipoint inspection will be locked in the vehicle.
  • Upon arrival select the box 
  • Enter your three digit code turn the knob to the left
  • Lift up on the door and remove your keys.
  • As always thank you for using Antrim Way Honda

24/7 Key Box, located between express service and the car wash.